Second Announcement

The XVI International Conference on Methods of Aerophysical Research (ICMAR 2012) is to be held on August 20 26, 2012 in Kazan, Russia.



V.M. Fomin, Russia, Chairman

D.A. Gubaidullin. Russia, Vice-Chairman
Yu.G. Konoplev, Russia, Vice-Chairman
A.A. Maslov, Russia, Vice-Chairman
V.A. Lebiga, Russia, Vice-Chairman
D.K. Nurgaliev, Russia, Vice-Chairman


A.D. Kosinov, Russia,  Secretary

A.L. Abdullin,  Russia
S.V. Alekseenko,  Russia
G.G. Cherny,  Russia
S.L.Chernyshov,  Russia
G.Yu. Dautov,  Russia
I.V. Egorov,  Russia
A.G. Egorov,  Russia
A.M. Elizarov,  Russia
Yu.F. Gortyshev,  Russia
N.F, Il’inskii,  Russia
M.S. Ivanov, Russia
H. Hornung,  USA
V.V. Kozlov,  Russia
V.V. Kozlov,  Russia
A.N. Kraiko,  Russia
E. Krause, Germany
V.F.Kuropatenko,  Russia
V.I. Lapygin,  Russia
J.-C. Lengrand, France
V.A. Levin,  Russia
A.M. Lipanov,  Russia
I.I. Lipatov,  Russia
D.V.Maklakov,  Russia
J.J. Miau,  Taiwan
V.M.Molochnikov,  Russia
J. Muylaert,  Netherlands
R.I.Nigmatulin,  Russia
O.G. Penyaz’kov,  Belorussia
C.T. Surzhikov,  Russia
V.N. Uskov,  Russia
K. Takayama,  Japan
J.-P. Taran,  France
S.E. Tarasevich,  Russia
A.N. Shiplyuk,  Russia
E.P. Volchkov,  Russia
Sh.Kh. Zaripov,  Russia


Local Organizing Committee
KSU, Kazan
e-mail :

D.K.Nurgaliev – Chairman
Sh.Kh. Zaripov – Vice-Chairman
Yu.G. Konoplev – Vice-Chairman
S.Soloviev – Secretary

A.L. Abdullin
D.F. Abzalilov
A.G. Egorov
A.M. Elizarov
A.N. Kalimullina
R.F. Mardanov
V.M. Molochnikov
K.A. Potashev
A.G. Sitdikov
Z.V. Skvortsova
R.S. Yakyshev
Executive Committee
ITAM SB RAS, Novosibirsk

A.A.Maslov – Chairman
A.D.Kosinov – Vice-Chairman
V.N.Zinoviev – Vice-Chairman
G.V.Klimchik – Secretary

A.A. Baturin
A.V. Borodin
I.A. Fedorchenko
Yu.V. Kratova
A.I. Maksimov
T.V. Poplavskaya
A.M. Sorokin
A.S. Vereshchagin

English and Russian are official languages of the conference.

Conference fee
The conference fee is 350 € for participants and 200 € for young participants. The fee will cover expenses for publication of conference proceedings, coffee breaks, technical support, and transport service.
Organizers can partly support the travel or accommodation expenses of young participants. Please send a request to us in advance.
The conference fee will be paid to the Kazan branch of a bank and you will get a bank receipt (in Russian). If you have some questions or problems about this, please inform us by e-mail in advance.

The conference events will be held at the Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, the Institute of Mechanics and Engineering, and the Research Center of Energy Problems of the Kazan Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

ICMAR 2012 organizers have reservations for conference participants in the following hotels:


1) «Ibis Kazan Center» hotel, Kazan, Pravo-Bulachnaya street 43/1 (
      (Please ask Organizing Committee for this price!)
      Single room is about 55 € per room per night (32 rooms are reserved)
      Double room is about 70 € per room per night (50 rooms are reserved)
2) «Hayall» hotel, Kazan, Universitetskaya street 16 (
     (Please ask Organizing Committee for this price!)
      Single room is about 65 € per room per night (50 rooms are reserved)
      Double room is about 90 € per room per night (50 rooms are reserved)
3) «Kolvi» hotel, Kazan, Hudyakov street (Tukaevskiy alley), 7 (
     Single room is about 40 - 85 € per room per night (5 rooms are reserved)
     Double room is about 50 - 90 € per room per night (10 rooms are reserved)
4) We have also student rooms (for 25 persons for about 12 € per night and for 25 persons for about 8 € per night) in campus.

If you reserve accommodation through the organizing committee or independently at the proposed hotels, please inform us about it no later than July 15.
If you want to accommodate in campus, you must inform us about it.
Participants can also make independent reservations in other hotels.
Please direct all questions about documents, official invitations, and hotel accommodation to ICMAR 2012 organizers by e-mail :

Organizing committee contacts:
Address: Russian Federation, 420008, Kazan, prof. Nuzhin street 1/37, room 339, ICMAR 2012
Telephone:  +7(843)2337339
Fax: +7(843)2337339
Shamil Zaripov (vice-chairman of the local organizing committee)
Sergey Solov’ev (secretary of the local organizing committee)

Additional information is available at the conference website:

ICMAR 2012 Secretary         A.D. Kosinov